Wednesday, 14 October 2015


“How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives.” ~Annie Dillard

Time. That inevitable, uncontrollable, damned necessity of a corner stone that leads to all manner of circumstances, painful and pleasant, and the ever-subsequent healing and growth that results from such experiences.

It is elusive at best. Something we stress over as the years pass, yet waste so much of on a daily basis. Time sets things in motion. Stress and aging for example. We are like a dog chasing it’s tail, and ignorant of our laments, time flies past us. It leaves us to bemoan what we have not accomplished; what we have not attained. The timer is set, and we are racing against it.

Why the focus on outer beauty? Why the pressure to obtain success as the world sees it? My question is this: What are you doing with your time today?

Spend your time with people you love, who love you in return. Love and community: The greatest investments of one’s time. 

After all, relationships and the memories created therein are the only things we take with us when our time is up.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


I laugh at the thought of anxiety. It feels so foreign, so far away. Here, there is peace. There is a lightness to the air we share.

We breathe easy.

What confidence there is, in resting in love. Love of self meets love of other, and we fall – deeper in our passion than we ever dreamed possible.

Such strength to be found in friendship. A wonder… a true wonder. A romantic relationship bound in compassion and understanding.

Heat comes, but only in small bursts that soon fizzle, anger easily forgotten; replaced quickly by the heat of passion that burns through the night and into the morning.

We have found our home. It is not confined to a street, a city, or even a country. We have found it in each other. It is a home filled with tenderness, with love. And laughter. Endless laughter.

It is light, fresh and free, like the air we breathe.

There is an age to it – a reverence there that captures us. A kind of ancient wisdom. It runs beneath the surface; a current deep and steady. It is the foundation of our home, this wisdom of love. 

Love. It conquers all. It is overcome by nothing. It’s strength is unmatched and ever-enduring. Always forgiving. Always hoping. Unconditional.

We shine in our resilience. We face obstacles without fear, invigorated by the challenges they present.

The peacefulness abides. We breathe easy – in our reality, in our home.