Friday, 10 April 2015


Right now I am in Portland. I live in a studio apartment that looks eerily similar to my previous one bedroom apartment in Goose Hollow. It has one major downfall in that there is no direct light. Ever. However, it is cozy and quaint and I am comfortable here.

Yes, I am comfortable. I have a steady income at a fantastic NICU, I have a handful of the most wonderful friends, and the standard of living here is beyond reasonable. I have every need and convenience easily attainable at my fingertips. My knowledge of this city makes it nearly impossible for me to get lost. There is always some new restaurant, food cart, venue or event popping up to keep things interesting. The general scenery here is, well, generally beautiful. 

In spite of all this, I am ready to leave.

“Why?” Someone may ask. “Why leave what sounds like an idyllic situation?” I have a one-word answer for that:


I am ready to further my growth. I have expanded as far as I can in this lovely city of roses, but I am limited here in all my comfort and familiarity.

I am ready for the challenge of being in a strange place where I could easily get lost, where I may feel lonely at times, where I may be inconvenienced, where I am working, and living, and getting by in a place I do not know.

In other words, where there is adventure. My travels through Australia gave me a glimpse of who I am outside of my usual context. A journey of redefinition. This move – this expansion – will cast the mold that was created in the independence of my solo travels. It will show me a new and glorious facet of freedom. It will, in essence, bring me home.