Tuesday, 4 December 2018

La Rocca

I finally know the purpose of life.

Well, I've known for awhile now. Ever since my dear friend, Brian Peters, told me so.

But as I sat on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by wild forest, overlooking the edge of old Cefalu, and staring into the vast Mediterranean horizon - I truly knew it. It struck me with an intensity I was not expecting. It sank down deep, in its reverberating Truth, down to my core. It seeped, warm and new, into my bones.

I saw it in the soaring of the seagulls as they drifted from one thermal column to the next. I felt it coming from the sailors in their sailboats down below as they skimmed peacefully across the water. I heard it in the distant, crashing waves, and the twittering of birds in the trees that surrounded me. The trees, shrubs and grasses shimmered with it. I could smell the sweet scent of it emanating from them.


The purpose of life - the pulse of life - is joy. This feeling, coupled with the grandiose scene before me, washed over me and left me with a profound sense of insignificance. A tiny dot swallowed up by the vast and wild landscape. Such perspective! Such relief!

There is no better way to be relieved of one's anxieties than to realise how small they are in the scope of this universe. Ahem... this multiverse. Nothing matters. Not really. Nothing matters but the joy of co-creation, the expansion born from this creativity, and the freedom we innately possess to experience it all.

In fact, we are so free, that we can choose not to experience it at all.

The choice is ours to make, every moment of every day.

I choose joy.